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Our Mission Statement

The StorPlace mission is to provide an excellent storage solution to our customers in need by incorporating Christian values of integrity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, service, conscientiousness, cheerfulness, and friendliness. By treating each other, our neighbors, and our customers this way, we expect to provide a satisfactory financial reward for ourselves and partners.

We provide much more than just safe, clean storage space for our customers. We provide storage solutions that will:

  • Relieve stress and worry
  • Offer the customer consistently high value
  • Create ambassadors (customers and neighbors) who will champion our brand to their families and friends

About StorPlace Self-Storage

Life happens... And it often is filled with stress.

You begin building that "dream house", but you have to get out of your existing house before your "Dream House" is ready.

You get that big promotion, but you have to move away from your hometown.

You get married to that special someone, but together you now have more stuff than space.

You lose a loved one, but you don't want to lose those special things that made the memories.

Your business grows, but you need space for the extra inventory... right now.

Life does happen, and it can be stressful. At StorPlace we know what you are experiencing and we want to make it a little less stressful. That's why at StorPlace, we believe in relieving stress. Our friendly managers know that moving things in and out of storage isn't anyone's favorite pastime, so they do everything they can to make it a smooth, easy and stress-free experience as possible. You'll find our friendly StorPlace managers are happy to go the extra mile if it saves you some extra steps. So when life happens, let our managers show you that running a clean, friendly, well kept storage center is our way of relieving your stress.

Managing Partner at DELETED - StorPlace Self-Storage


Ed Freeman

Managing Partner