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Public Foreclosure

Every month StorPlace holds a public auction on storage units that are more than 90 days in default in order to satisfy our lien as defined by Tennessee state law. This is an unfortunate but necessary event in order to make these storage units available for others. At StorPlace we make every effort to contact our tenants and work out a payment arrangement. A public auction of someone's belongings is absolutely the last resort used to satisfy the outstanding bill.

We welcome bidders to our public foreclosure auctions. Typically our Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Bowling Green, KY stores hold auctions for online through Storage Treasures. Please view the 2018 Foreclosure Auction Calendar page below to view auction dates.


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2018 Foreclosure Auction Calendar

2019 Foreclosure Auction Calendar

Our Auction Policies

  • StorPlace strictly follows the Tennessee Self Service Storage Lien Law.
  • After 30 days in default a storage unit is entered by two (never just one) StorPlace employees who take a photograph as proof of inventory.
  • The storage unit in default is then locked with a StorPlace lock and red tagged sealed insuring that no one else will enter the unit until the account is settled or the contents are auctioned.
  • On the day of the foreclosure auction, all auction sales are final and are settled in cash after the auction takes place.
  • Bidders bid on the entire contents of the unit and are required to broom sweep clean the unit within 48 hours of the sale. No contents are to be left behind.
  • Occasionally tenants will ask that personal items be left behind. It is StorPlace's policy to give the name & contact information of the tenant to the winning bidder. The bidder may contact the tenant to make arrangements.
  • All bids are to be made in $5 increments.
  • If the bid exceeds $200 over the outstanding tenant bill, the auction is suspended for one month. This allows the tenant one more opportunity to make restitution.
  • All sales are AS IS, and FINAL!
  • Policy and Rules may be updated on the day of the auction.
  • We require a $100 cash deposit for each unit purchased. Deposit to be refunded upon removal of all contents of purchased unit.

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